About the Author

Kathleen C Thompson

Kathleen Thompson is an educator, musician, and author. As a wife, mother of five children, and grandmother of sixteen grandchildren, she spends her days writing, gardening, doing needlework, and teaching her grandchildren to play the piano.
While her husband was in the Navy, they had the opportunity to live in Japan with their small family for three years. As an author, she draws upon experiences of people she’s known and places she’s been.

I’ve not always wanted to write

You may think that every good author has always loved writing, well, not me. In fact, in high school, my English teacher approached me and suggested that I should enroll in the Creative Writing class. I told her, “No thanks. I’m not interested.”

I dabbled with poetry, but that’s all—just a dabble

It wasn’t until years later, when I had a family of my own, I found that I enjoyed writing poetry and making up stories to tell them. I enjoyed it so much I decided to write a book! It probably wasn’t the best choice — I soon found out. And as a result, I shoved the first draft of the book to the back of my bottom desk drawer where it stayed for many years.

I signed up for a Creative Writing class

Years passed, and I learned of a Community Education Program in our local high school. Before I could give it a second thought, I enrolled myself in the Creative Writing class. I rescued my first (and only) book from the back of the desk drawer, and submitted part of it for an assignment. My instructor liked the few chapters that I submitted, and she encouraged me to revise and finish it.

Finally, I have time to write

I didn’t have time to write with a job and family to take care of, and soon my book found its way back into the desk drawer. Years later, I retired and started to write in earnest—every day in fact. This time I started with short stories. I found that I had a knack for writing short stories.

Grandma’s Christmas Chest

One of my first short stories published is a book called Grandma’s Christmas Chest. It is a story of grandchildren setting up Grandma’s nativity and singing Christmas carols as they do so.  Grandma’s Christmas Chest includes over a dozen Christmas carols arranged by me, and continues to be enjoyed by families throughout the world.

Music Camp Mystery – a dream come true

Forty or so years from its inception, and several revisions later, my first book, Music Camp Mystery, finally came to fruition. Music Camp Mystery is about a girl, Robin Hill, who attends Music Camp where she discovers various clues that she and her friends at camp follow in search of a secret treasure.