Point of View

When you have more than one character in a scene, write from your main character’s point of view. What does your main character see, hear, or think? Here are some examples from “Music Camp Mystery.” Robin Hill is the main character. 1. “They ran from the cool cave to the warm sandy beach and quickly […]

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Let It Rest

Hint #7. Let it rest, If you’re stuck and need some fresh ideas, set your story aside for a week, or a month or two, and let it rest. When you return to your story, review what you’ve written. Hopefully, you’re ready to start putting down new ideas that came to you during that rest […]

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Creating an Interesting Story-line

Hint #6. Give your main character a problem to solve. Giving your main character a problem to solve will make your reader want to keep reading to discover the solution. For example, in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s problem is to find a way home to Kansas. The solution at the end of the book […]

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Describe Your Characters

Hint #5. Paint a picture of your main characters using descriptive adjectives to show what they look like and how they act. Here are examples of some of my main characters: “Nanette put on her yellow shirt and jeans, tied her dark brown hair back in a ponytail, and grinned at her freckled face and […]

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Writing About Children for Children

Hint #4. When writing children’s stories, make the age of your main character, boy or girl, the same age as your reading audience, or a year or two older than the reader. Children like to read stories about kids their own age, and even a few years older. Before I had a personal computer with […]

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Write About Places You’ve Been

When I was a teenager, I went to my church’s Girls Camp for a week each summer. We stayed in a lodge (formerly a ski lodge) at Brighton, Utah. It had a large dining area and lobby on the main floor and bedrooms for four girls each, upstairs. Showers and bathrooms were down the hall. […]

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More Thoughts on Writing

A friend came to me the other day and said, “I would like to write a children’s story, but I don’t know where to start.” If you would like to write for children, but don’t quite know how to begin, try this. Read a lot of stories of various kinds written for children. And then […]

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My Thoughts on Writing

In high school, my English teacher stopped me after class one day and asked me if I would like to take her creative writing class. I said, no, I wasn’t interested. Little did I know that one day I would write stories and books for children. It all started when my children were young and […]

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“Music Camp Mystery” is Here

My book “Music Camp Mystery” is back from the printers! It’s now available to purchase on-line. Go to dsrsonline.com┬áto get your copy today. My inspiration for the various settings of my story is from places I’ve been. An example is the part about “Rainbow Cave.” It’s patterned after “Timpanogos Cave” in American Fork Canyon, Utah. […]

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It’s Snowing–A Perfect Day to Read

It’s been snowing all day, several inches in fact. My son’s outside using the snowblower on our driveway. One of my favorite things to do a snowy day like today is curl up by the fireplace and read a good book. That brings back fond memories of when we were children. My sister, Eva, and […]

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