Music Camp Mystery - Book Cover

Anticipating “Music Camp Mystery”

Anticipation! My fingers tingle! My heart pounds! My excitement builds! My first children’s mystery is at the printers. It’s called “Music Camp Mystery.” From the first page on, Robin Hill and the other students at Music Camp discover secret messages and clues. They have many fascinating adventures as they solve the clues to unravel the […]

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Firsts For The Year

Look at that! I just saw the first magpie of the year land on our patio to pay a visit. He was dressed in his formal suit of black and white. I have loved birds since I was a child and had a yellow canary. To my delight, birds of every kind visit our backyard […]

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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog and website, I’m happy to share some of my thoughts and stories with you. Since this is a new website, I’ll tell you who I am. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother. Gary (my husband) and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this past year. We have 5 wonderful children, […]

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