Music Camp Mystery

This tantalizing book transported me back in time to my childhood "reading tree" with my stacks of Nancy Drew mysteries! Through the pages of Kathleen Thompson's Music Camp Mystery, I joined Robin, Susan, Jeremy and Stewart on their adventures to find a mysterious hidden treasure. Kathleen's writing style allowed me to clearly "see" the beautiful surroundings in my mind and "feel" the fear and excitement as they journeyed through forests, among cliffs and into dark caves. If there is a "sleuth" in you like there is in me, read this book, wait...and SEE! A SUPERB 'stay up late at night' read!

- Josette Pitardi - 4th Grade Teacher

Robin was alone in the practice room at Music Camp. She tingled with excitement as she stared at the jumbled words printed on a scrap of yellow paper.


Music Camp comes but once a year, and this year Robin and her best friend, Susan, were chosen to attend. On their first day, Robin discovers a note addressed to her, containing a secret message written with jumbled letters. The two girls enlist the help of Robin’s brother, Jeremy, and his friend, Stewart, to decode the message which takes them on an adventure filled with legends, mystery, and a treasure to be discovered.

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