It’s Snowing–A Perfect Day to Read

It’s been snowing all day, several inches in fact. My son’s outside using the snowblower on our driveway. One of my favorite things to do a snowy day like today is curl up by the fireplace and read a good book.

That brings back fond memories of when we were children. My sister, Eva, and I always received a book or two for Christmas. I remember snuggling next to her on the couch as we read our new books.

When my own children came along, I happily discovered that they liked to read, and spent many hours journeying through books.

And now, my grandchildren love to read, too.

I started writing stories for children when my own children were in grade school, and now I write stories for my grandchildren and all children everywhere.

I hope they like my new book, “Music Camp Mystery.”

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