Let It Rest

Hint #7. Let it rest,

If you’re stuck and need some fresh ideas, set your story aside for a week, or a month or two, and let it rest.

When you return to your story, review what you’ve written. Hopefully, you’re ready to start putting down new ideas that came to you during that rest period, (or even old ideas that you had been mulling over in your mind and working out.)

A few weeks ago, I set aside a story I’ve been writing, to let it rest. When I’ve worked out the next part in my mind to my satisfaction, I’ll return to writing my story.

Also, let it rest when you’ve completed your story and proofread it through. When you come back to it to proofread it again, you may be surprised that you find sentences that need rewriting for smoother reading. Letting it rest will give you a new perspective and improve your story.

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