Writing About Children for Children

Hint #4. When writing children’s stories, make the age of your main character, boy or girl, the same age as your reading audience, or a year or two older than the reader. Children like to read stories about kids their own age, and even a few years older.

Before I had a personal computer with a word processor, I wrote my stories and books by hand on paper, and then typed them up, double spaced. I hoped I was reaching my target audience. With the advances in desk-top publishing, I can now determine what grade level my story targets. My word processor program (I use Microsoft Word,) gives me that information at the completion of running Spellcheck. It also tells me how many words my document contains.

To make your main characters believable, you need to observe children. I’m blessed to have grandchildren between the ages of two and twenty. I know what games they like, how they treat each other, how they think, and what’s important to them. Knowing this helps the characters I write about come to life on the printed page.

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